Know how risky your case is and how much it’s worth

Investment analysis for litigation - helping you bring, settle and fund cases

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What we do

CaseQuant tells you how much your case is worth

It's sometimes like lawyers and clients speak different languages. Clients want to talk £££s. But lawyers have to fall back on vague phrases like, "reasonable prospects of success".

CaseQuant fills the gap. Based on case insight supplied by the lawyer, it calculates the probabilties of success. For example, it might tell you that you have a 60% probability of being awarded more than £1m net of costs.

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Why we do it

CaseQuant helps you to make better litigation decisions

Lawyers do sophisticated legal analysis but then the client has to make key litigation decisions based on gut instinct. For example, whether to litigate in the first place and whether to accept a settlement offer?

Knowing how much the case is worth and how risky it is means you can optimise your decisions. And you can use litigation funding options to avoid taking on risk that exceeds your risk-appetite.

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Law Firms

Offer clients a differentiating service


Manage your organisation's litigation risk


Robust return on litigation investment analysis


Offer informed settlement advice

Who we are

We're a young, growing company pulling together lawyers, statisticians, technologists and risk experts

We combine cutting-edge technology under-the-hood with a simple front-end that can be easily understood. Through our team and Executive Advisory Board, we take the best thinking from industry - but only include it in CaseQuant if it's useful in a legal context.

We focus on the English, Scottish and US markets - but are expanding all the time. We'd like to hear from you if you want CaseQuant for another jurisdiction.

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  • "In one stroke, this method propels the analysis of litigation risk into the 21st Century." - Partner, Head of Personal Injury

  • "It's an impressive tool that clearly fills a need." - Partner, Commercial Dispute Resolution

  • "Our team were all immediately impressed by the tool and could see how invaluable it could very quickly become for conflict resolution." - Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution

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